Our Services

Our clients are all unique. But their situations are not always that different from others. We provide planning services focused on asset protection in case there's a need for long-term care. Take a look at our Client Profiles to see if you fall within the groups of people we help all the time with the services below.

Crisis Medicaid Planning

When someone goes into a nursing home unexpectedly, this often results in a financial crisis. Nursing home bills for some facilities are in excess of $10,000 per month, quickly draining money. We know how to lead you through the laws and rules of various benefits programs to make sure you minimize the financial affect. To learn more, Click Here.

Medicaid Pre-planning

Often we can see things coming. Sometimes family history or an early diagnosis signals the likely need for long-term care in the future. Knowing that, you can have more options for protecting assets from exposure to long-term care costs. We can help you develop a plan that protects assets while maintaining financial freedom. To learn more, Click Here.

Asset Protection Consultations

If you're concerned about long-term care and would like to know more about your options and things to plan for, even if there's nothing imminent, we share our experience and knowledge with you. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge to ease your anxiety about long-term care and Medicaid benefits. There's a lot of information out there and we'd like to help you make sense of it all. To learn more, Click Here.

Estate Planning

Having an estate plan is important—everyone should have a will. And if you're worried about protecting assets if you ever need long-term care, you should have a broad Durable General Power of Attorney and Advance Directives. Our goal through building your estate plan is often different from general estate planners. We craft your important documents to give you and your family as much flexibility as possible to protect assets from the cost of nursing home care if long-term care becomes a reality. To learn more, Click Here.

Nursing Home Agreement Review

When you're looking at long-term care facility entrance agreements and contracts, it can be a very daunting process. We go over the documents with you to address what's appropriate and what you might want to strike from the contract. These aren't always take-it-or-leave-it contracts—facilities sometimes place provisions in their agreements they can't legally enforce. We go over those issues with you and always look to make sure you or your family doesn't unintentionally become financially obligated for their loved one's care. To learn more, Click Here.

Medicaid Annual Renewals

If you or a loved one receives Medicaid benefits, every year Medicaid performs an annual review to determine whether that person is still eligible. Sometimes the process is easy. Sometimes the process is very complicated. And sometimes their forms are just beyond confusing. We can help. To learn more, Click Here.


When loved ones die and assets are stuck in their names, we help change titles and move assets through the probate process to get to the beneficiaries. This can be a complicated process with many stumbling blocks. And if a beneficiary is on public benefits like Medicaid, it can be a very bad financial result. We help our clients through the probate process quickly and efficiently. To learn more, Click Here.


When a loved one loses capacity to act rationally, you might need to explore a guardianship as a last resort. This is often accompanied by the need for long-term care. We only serve as counsel for guardianships when there's a need to do benefits planning for Medicaid or VA. But under those circumstances, we can navigate the guardianship process to try to preserve assets for spouses or other family members.


You're probably wondering how much our services cost. It's always a big concern. Our commitment to our clients is to always add value. Before we take on any work, we look at whether we can offer one or more key areas of value: (1) Peace of Mind, (2) Asset Protection, (3) Empowerment and (4) Education. We don't recommend services or documents people don't need. That's why we offer a Free Consultation—to see if a paid service would be of value to you. And if we can't project how our services add value, we won't take on your matter. To learn more, Click Here.