Asset Protection Consultations

We have studied and applied the laws related to estate planning, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, trusts, and probate for years. We have helped countless clients over the years and learned something from each interaction.

We can use that wealth of knowledge and experience to help you.

Our consultations are an opportunity for you to share your concerns about long-term care and how it could affect your personal finances. Once we have the opportunity to understand your financial picture and your goals, we can offer our opinion of your exposure for long-term care costs and what options are available (or appropriate) to minimize your exposure.

Our clients regularly leave our consultations better prepared about long-term care and no longer feel aimless. In a complex and confusing area of the law, we focus on digesting the overwhelming volume of information. We can then educate you on only what applies to you and clarify any concepts you may have heard elsewhere.