Medicaid Annual Renewals

Every year, Medicaid performs an annual review for Medicaid participants. The forms that are part of the annual reviews can be confusing with the appropriate answers being anything but than intuitive.

We can help you decipher the forms and help with any outstanding issues that can arise. One of the biggest issues we see clients face is during the year they have received money or they have accumulated money in excess of the eligibility limit—presently $2000.

In those circumstances, we help families navigate the rules to get their loved one back on benefits.

Does Medicaid ever impose penalties during an annual review?

In certain circumstances, yes. If the Medicaid participant was not eligible for benefits because she had too much in resources, Medicaid will deny further benefits and possibly look to collect for what they call "overpayment." During this time, the nursing home needs to be paid and they often look to family during this time for payment. We can help by trying to identify what the outstanding issue is and help to navigate the family back to benefits to minimize the overall disruption.